Leave Room for Thoughts
fostered a Pilot Program.

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The Pilot Program

It was winter 2018 in New York City.

agreed on initiating an ambiguous one month program in Brooklyn where artists joined the institution for one day to experiment and play with a concept they’re curious about.

Five artists were able to schedule a visit. The protocol was to: remain fluid, let people play, and document.


The space

Lrft set the room based on a programming of rest, exploration, and creation.

Resting Grounds

A place to rest and re-set; it contained a couch far from commotion and shelves to provide a home for equipment.

Convergence Highway

Populated with desks and chairs, this area encouraged folks to bump shoulders and visualize concepts on a screen .

Production Floor

The barricade contained the negative space to ensure there was room to transform and maintain an ambience of possibilities.


The inventory

The Pilot Program’s objects set the environment we intended on and were tended to as crucial companions to the artists. Additional inventory objects can be viewed in the are.na archive.


The experiments

Below is media from the days that Calvin, Xenia, Niko, Aziz, and Dan visited.

Calvin's studio visit

Firstly, play. Now purchased: perforate, puncture, pin and pare. The streets can be strut with what you delight in. Trends layered as layers.

Calvin continues to find the blurry boundaries between authentic trends.

Xenia's studio visit

Body – environment. Subject – object. As space – in space. Improvisation of a conversation with the ecology of items in the room and a mover’s body.

Xenia continues to experiment and move with and as media.

Niko's studio visit

B uilding to build. A Buddy before any adventure. The original Pet Project for the pet of all surfers. The landscape as wallpaper, painted by hand, for your screen.

Niko continues to build his fancy and help others learn to do the same.

Aziz's studio visit

Enamored with tools of the set, their outside-the-lens beauty. Building, adding context to what is there. Spinning in lazy manners, towards dreams intact.

Aziz continues to create form and function from material.

Dan's studio visit

Many questions asked, the learner educates stewards. Projecting compositions onto what exists already. Overlaying, tuning, accenting, enlivening, bringing practiced dynamism – leaving tools for depiction.

Dan continues to perform music shows and create visuals with similar principles.

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Lrft hopes these arrangements compelled your curiousity! There’s more to explore on a next potential journey with Lrft. We’d love to hear from you.