Curiosity is welcomed,
some personal reflections:


From Mel,
Our urge brings us together. From mountains, boulders, rocks, and sand between us, we sit a beacon for each other lost and scared.
Easing, “We’re with.”
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From Norm,
Bittersweet, like we’re breaking down the studio space all over again. An environment we scrapped together with thoughts. — It’s beautiful to discover that everyone involved was at the start of their exploratory journey. Can only imagine how educators feel year after year, seeing humans explore their place in life. — Long live the vastness of our explorations, many of which couldn’t fit into this website. I could get lost in them for days.
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From Yatu,
3 years in the making, for something few will apperciate. 
For it was for them, and us. 
A way to look back, and believe foward. 
An art•i•fact for the internet, and a memory for learners. 
A circle of learning and institution with it. 
A concept and a theory, brought to life. 
Thank you to all of those who were open, listened, and welcomed the concept of Leave Room for Thoughts. 
I leave these thoughts here for you. Explainations of/from Leave Room for Thoughts
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