Lrft is fostering an Autumn Fellowship
to augment our
educational reality.




The City as Classroom

Campus Complex is a new fellowship program that reconfigures the self-contained workplace/school into a diverse patchwork of hands-on learning environments.

The first batch of three Fellows have received a stipend, a learner card, and the opportunity to learn from the people, tools, philosophies, and environments of Campus Complex.


Our Approach

Over the last four years, Lrft has developed a pedagogical philosophy and model for continuing education that offers a fresh alternative to the outdated approaches of legacy institutions and workplaces.


Research through Experiments

Alongside Other Internet, we’re breathing more life into Lrft’s Campus Complex to see how it holds as a model for a new type of public. The Autumn Fellowship is the next step towards exploring the long-term relationship between digital communities and physical spaces.


The Autumn Fellowship

Wouldn't Be
Possible Without...


Support the Program

Join the Patrons helping us kickstart this movement. Campus Complex needs financial support to equip the learners, educators, and spaces in the neighborhood. We appreciate any time, introductions, and resources you can provide!